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Crystal Skulls and The Meaning of Their names

Crystal skulls and The Meaning of Their Names


Crystal Skulls and The Meaning of Their NamesCrystal Skulls and The Meaning of Their Names




Dieses Buch ist in Anlehnung an die deutsche Version

"Kristallschädel u. die Be-Deutung ihrer Namen"


Es enthält z.T. andere Fotos.





Following my German book “Kristallschädel und die Be-Deutung ihrer Namen” I have written an

English version. My wonderful friends Kristen Van Doren (Boston, MA USA), Kirian Khadroma

(Mark Lepus) and his wife Dora from Britain have helped me to edit my English.

Matching in with the English text some photos have been changed.


In this little book you can read a story round about my crystal skulls:

How everything began, why do my skulls must have a name, how did they show me to find and

interpret the names and what results and knowledge did I finally receive for my life using their


My skulls are coming from all over the world.The most important for me are the skulls from UK

loaded with the very special energy from the holy ancient places of Tintagel (Cornwall), The

Hurlers, Avebury and Stonehenge. They showed me the way back home through their names - to

my star family and my home planet.

You can look at photos from the mentioned skulls. So you are able to connect with the skulls and

feel their energy.


There are mentioned some messages which I have received from my skulls and putted in my book

“Anjeli´s Messages from the Angels of the oceans, dragons and crystal skulls".

So it is recommended to add it to your order.